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Cigarette City

HIV Home Set AfireHouston Chronicle (09/25/96) P. 15AA home for people with HIV in rural Paicol, Colombia was set on fire by arsonists Monday night as a father and son slept inside. They were unhurt. The house is operated by a Roman Catholic group that provides shelter to poor people with HIV in Colombia. The community had threatened to force the residents out for months, fearing that people with HIV could contaminate the water supply and crops by bathing in a stream that flows into the town. Notice that is a news clipping from 1996. 10 years ago. People keep asking me, when discussing this diary, if things are different now from how they were back then. I saw that clipping and thought it might work as a guidepost. But that FEAR OF AIDS ERA was coming to an end. Also, 10 years ago, after coming back to life, the diary started becoming incredibly boring as I did a lot of navel-gazing. And I was pretending that I was a lot more famous than I really was. You know. Like now.

10 years ago, …

A Photo Shoot

Here's Travis. He and Robby moved the piano into the theatre for the photo shoot. They belong to Improv For Kids, the highly regarded improv group at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in North Hollywood. They were promised pizza.

Here's Robby. He has black fingernails. He had to convince Jim that it wasn't the Black Plague but was, indeed, a fashion choice.

Here's Ed. He's taking the photos.

Here's Linda Fulton who owns the Avery Schreiber Theatre and is always on the phone. She had it surgically attached to her ear.

Linda, did that hurt?

Ed's telling us to smile pretty for the camera.

This is me smiling pretty for the camera.
Ed asks, "Is that the best you can do?"
Here's Jim singing.

Jim's pretty.

Ed's getting into it.

We're pretty.

Though we are taking photos in North Hollywood, The Big Voice: God or Merman? will be performed in New York in a brand new Off-Broadway theatre on 47th Street between 8th and 9th, the same street The Last Session play…

The New Jersey Spin

It's interesting watching the various news outlets handle the yesterday's court decision in New Jersey that gay couples should be entitled to the same rights as straight couples. The Republicans were hoping that the court would institute gay MARRIAGE, which it didn't, so they could use it as a campaign vote-getter. It said that it was up to the people to call it whatever they wanted to call it -- civil unions, marriage, whatever.

However, Drudge, the conservative board headlined, "NJ opens door for GAY MARRIAGE." He's trying desperately to help the Repubs. No doubt the right wing radio will be spinning this like crazy. At James Dobson's site, Focus on the Family, they headline, "New Jersey High Court Tells Lawmakers to Redefine Marriage." Which, of course, they did not. They simply said that gay citizens should be treated equally before the law, a concept that enrages cultural neo-conservatives.

Over at Huffington Post, the headline reads, "N…

Rick Stein Brags about Jim and Steve

In a lovely blog entry, Rick Stein of the Laguna Playhouse, brags about Jimmy and me. Rick was responsible for the best production of The Last Session.

Marvelous Maggie at 70

Maggie and my big head.
My favorite moment of my recent visit to Philadelphia happened during a special birthday concert I was singing for my netfriend, Maggie's, 70th birthday party. It was in her living room. I was surrounded by her kids, their spouses and grandkids. Suddenly, in the middle of it all, I looked at the grandkids and said, "By the way, did you know that your grandmother taught me how to use the Internet by bringing a major American corporation to its knees?"

They all looked at me like I was crazy.

Her children looked at me like I was crazy. Our mother?? The grandkids looked me. Our grandmother?? Our sweet mother/grandmother who goes bike riding everyday??


One of her daughters said, "I never heard this. What are you talking about?"

And I told him how Chrysler Corporation, at one of their plants, had done something -- I've already forgotten all the details, but it had to do with violating, or refusing to deal with fairness for gay a…

Ticket Info For The Big Voice

Tickets on sale at
by phone in the NY metro area at 212-239-6200
by phone outside the NY metro area at 800-432-7250

The Big Voice Coming To New York At Last!

Well, we've been promising it. We've been talking about. And now it's here.

The Big Voice: God or Merman? will be arriving in New York in mid-November for a Nov. 30th opening. Yes, fans, at last, the off-Broadway production will open.

And one of the best parts of this is that it will open in a brand new off-Broadway house called The Actor's Temple. How appropriate is that for a show about God and Ethel Merman?

Actually, the Actor's Temple is a Jewish synagogue which is doing what many other houses of worship have done in New York: Make a theatre! And why not. Religion! Show business! Same thing!

I'll have ticket information up soon.

By the way, isn't it fabulous that the first show to open in a Jewish Temple is a musical about a gay marriage between a Catholic and a Baptist?

I thought so, too.

TICKETS: Tickets on sale at
by phone in the NY metro area at 212-239-6200
by phone outside the NY metro area at 800-432-7250