Free Geoff.

The thing everyone agrees on about my nephew Geoff, who lives in Borger Texas, and who I have seen maybe only once or twice in his lifetime -- I'm a very bad uncle -- is that he is a very sweet boy. He's graduating high school this year. Never causes trouble. Everyone adores him. His teachers adore him. The other students adore him.

Apparently, at the prom, he stripped to his boxers during the song "YMCA." Everyone at the prom laughed, even the teachers, I'm told. But the principal was not amused. He grabbed a cop and threw Geoff out, and then imposed a very stiff campus restriction. But now the student body is rebelling and a "Free Geoff" campaign has been started.

Apparently, my nephew has been punished unjustly at Borger High School in Borger, Texas.

My niece, Emily, his sister, tells the story:
<--Geoff with his date. You can forward this or whatever: Well, this past Saturday, Borger had its prom. Near the end of it, YMCA came on, and Geoff decided to strip down to his boxer briefs. If you know Geoff, you know he does crazy stuff like this, and no one ever thinks twice about it, it's just funny. Everyone cheered and laughed, even the adults, except for one: our principal. He called Geoff over, and talked to him (along with one of Borger's finest). He was escorted out of the prom with promises of punishment on the following Monday. So Monday came around, and Geoff went to the principal's office for almost an hour waiting for them to decide what to do. The vice principals thought he should just get "In School Suspension," but our principal wouldn't budge and stuck him with three days in the "Alternate Education Program," which is an off campus program for the REALLY bad kids, like ones caught with drugs, or for fighting, etc.

He isn't even allowed to be on the school property.

Everyone was angry about this, especially the students. T-shirts were made, flyers, buttons, all kinds of stuff. Flyers were thrown all through the hall all day, people were taping paper onto their clothes to support him, used window chalk to write "Free Geoff!" on their cars, everything they could think of.

So when Monday night came around, it was time for the seniors annual candle lighting ceremony.

Geoff was told he would not be able to attend it, considering it was on school grounds, in the auditorium. This affects not only Geoff, but his friends and family too because he isn't there to spend this emotional and special time with us, so it's just all around not fair.

During the ceremony, with everyone seated, there was a slide show of pictures we had submitted earlier in the year.

Every picture that came up, there were a few yells, but any time a picture with Geoff in it came up, everyone cheered as loud as they could. The seniors got up to go around to the back of the stage, because then, two at a time, we were to take candles out and light them, then surround to outter part of the auditorium.

Back stage, I grabbed two candles, and when it was my turn to go onto the stage, I lit both, walked to the end and said "This is for Geoff!" and everyone cheered once again. Our principal didn't look too happy, but I think he should be realizing that he did the wrong thing, to the wrong person.
My nephew. Locked out. The new Marlon Brando. I like it!


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