The Geoff Story Continues.

There's a movie in this story. It's just so fun to imagine it playing out. I was always a bit of a rebel, at least in my heart. So, when school administrators get all hot and bothered over nothing, and the kids revolt, it makes me laugh -- no disrespect intended for my many readers who are educators. Call it a character flaw on my part.

As you might recall, my quiet, never causes any trouble nephew, Geoff, was handcuffed and tossed out, and then banned from his Senior class events for stripping down to his boxers on the dance floor of the prom during YMCA. Everyone involved agrees that it was an over-reaction to someone clowning around.

So, now the whole student body has been rebelling against this, including, sadly, someone spray-painting "FREE GEOFF!" on the school building. That's the one really sour note.

The students, though, are taking this whole Geoff thing as a kind of good natured joke, even though they are angry that Geoff has been treated this way. But, maybe because of the spray paint, the administration is now so paranoid, I'm imagining the Principal being played by the Chancellor of the University in the movie "Animal House."

They're starting to imagine rebellion everywhere.

Here is the newest chapter:
Wednesday was our "cap and gown" day at school where we wear our graduation caps and gowns all day at school. Some of the guys wore swimming trunks and t-shirts underneath theirs so that during lunch, they could go to one of the parks in town and run in the playground part that shoots out water when you push a button on it.

When lunch was ending, the guys went back to the school parking lot, but had their shirts off since they were wet from the water. Our principal and a cop rushed over, thinking they were stripping.

The cop put the two boys that had their shirts off in handcuffs, and walked them to the front of the school parking lot, and out of the crowd. The boys explained what happened and were let go.

Talk about jumping to conclusions..we were also not allowed to wear our gowns anymore after lunch, because there was a rumor that we were all going to strip on the lawn after school. Most of us hadn't heard that one..

Another girl was put into In School Suspension because she had a bathing suit on and was running through some sprinklers. It's getting ridiculous, and everyone's hating our principal more and more every day.

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