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"Holy Dirt" with Piper Laurie & SFGMC

"William's Song" in rehearsal.

Musings, Plans for the Future.

Thursday Night at Kulak's Vlog Pt. 2

The Big Moon

Thursday Night at Kulak's Vlog Pt. 1

Best Attendance Ever.

Jason & Jason & Rachel.

Three More Portraits.

Sing Along to "My Thanksgiving Prayer"!

Homeless In L.A.: Chuck

Prologue with Orchestra.

More Pics From San Francisco.

The New World Waking Playlist

I Own This Joint. Tonight, Anyway.

SF Bay Times calls New World Waking "powerful."

Video Blog: Driving to San Francisco

"You sound angry online, but with your music connected..."

Joe.My.God. reports on New World Waking.

AIDS Food Pantry in Dallas Needs Help.

More Photos at Bev's Blog.

My new portrait.

"So, how did it go?"

Moscone/Milk Memorial 2008

Who Can Sleep?