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Two Sold-Out Shows at TRADITIONS FAIR TRADE Cafe.

I'm about to get on a plane, but I wanted to thank PFLAG-Olympia for the chance to sing with the hilarious and talented Righteous Mothers (warning: link automatically plays music) this weekend. The Traditions Fair Trade was packed to the rafters for both shows, and I don't think I've ever experienced a more moving and loving concert than we had this night. And when the Righteous Mothers joined me for my three finale songs, we KILLED. Wow, did we sound good.

Article in The Olympian.

Wonderful article by Molly Gilmore about my close relationship with Olympia, Washington.

“I have a special emotional connection to Olympia,” said Schalchlin, a lyricist, composer, pianist and actor who’ll perform this weekend at two benefit performances for Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays.
Read more here:

Tonight in Olympia.

Had a great rehearsal yesterday with the Righteous Mothers. Am feeling a bit under the weather, though. So, some to the show if you're in the Olympia area and we'll see if my froggy throat will survive!

My Day At Manhattan School of Music.

Yesterday, I witnessed a number of impromptu mini-cabaret performances that left me riveted in my seat, tears just streaming down my cheeks.

It was the birth of something remarkable. Sadly, I do not have video.

Oh, I brought the camera. It was lying on the turned-around piano, fired up and ready to go. But it I had turned it on, the magical things that happened wouldn’t, and couldn’t, have happened.

When I say impromptu I mean that I didn’t know it was going to happen, and neither did the singers, themselves.

It wasn’t some cabaret convention with ladies in gowns and men in tuxes. I went to that, and it was great and all, but this was not that. It was on the sixth floor of a faded-mansion Manhattan school room on the west side “in the hundreds.” Something called the Manhattan School of Music, and I was the guest “lecturer.” I even wore my good suit and pretty red tie, decorated with music staffs. A man in the elevator tried to sing it.

“This used to be Julliard, you know. Unt…

At A Hospice.

The Wikipedia Definition of an Actor.

Jim's agent called the other day and said, "Go to Wikipedia and do a search on the word 'actor.' See what you find."

Naturally, our thought was that there would be the standard definition and history, as well as some examples of great actors, such as Edwin Booth or Lawrence Olivier, Merle Streep or Liz Taylor.

Instead, there was this:

I swear I had nothing to do with it and I have no idea how it got there. But there we are, the Wikipedia definition of "actor."

Our actor friends here keep asking, "How did you pull that off?"

But then, my friend, Linda, reminded me that we had actually seen this page before, years ago. But I guess it just didn't register with me at the time. And, of course, anyone can change Wikipedia. So, maybe it will be gone tomorrow. Who knows?

But, how "universe is trying to tell you something" is that?

Jim Brochu's Zero Hour. Toronto Feb 8-Mar 11.

Jim Brochu is bringing Zero Hour back to Toronto for four weeks. Bathurst Street Theatre. Get ticket info here.

Heading to Olympia.

JANUARY 27-28, 2012 8PM

I'm getting very excited about singing Olympia. I think I mentioned that I have been a student again, taking classes with Andy Gale and Mark Janas. I honestly think I've never met anyone with as good an eye as Andy, for helping singers loosen up and deliver a song with intimacy and conviction.

I began the classes at the end of last year, and have continued them through the new year. It's a pretty simple set-up. Mark on piano. Andy and the other classmates in front of you. And you get up and sing. The terrifying thing for me, at first, was just getting used to someone else playing my songs for me. I'm so used to setting the tempo and created the whole moment.

But it's also limiting to be sitting at a piano, so it's a great exercise. I had never thought about auditioning for anything until this class. I would never have had the courage. But now, I think I could probably go int…

The Internet Blackout

I went to Wikipedia and, instead, found my congressman.

I hope others will do the same.

The media spokespersons say they only want to ban sites that only do "illegal" sharing. But how long till ideas become "illegal" and suddenly, like China, you have a long list of government people sitting at desks deciding which sites can stay open and which will be blocked.

The Internet must be free. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Freedom of religion.

Here's to Mel White on MLK Day. (Edited)

(This entry has been edited. See below. But the original language is intact.)
I have been enjoying conversation with some political types who are very passionate about their beliefs, that the system needs to be replaced. Interestingly, some of these are hard core right and some are hard core left. I like drifting between worlds. You learn more that way. I, myself, have been called an activist, but I prefer to think of myself, because of my health limitations, a musical tactical support system.

If there's a hospital set up between warring camps, you'll find me at the out of tune piano, singing for the patients.

But in these discussions, too often the talk is violent. The words violent. The anger misdirected to people, rather than to injustice itself. "They are evil" is meaningless in a world where any of us in that position might be acting exactly the same way. Conservative Christians consider this evidence of a fallen world. Naturalists will simply say that it's…

Quietude on the Blog.

I have been rather quiet on this blog because a lot of what I used to do here I now just do at Facebook. Pointing to articles, linking, etc.

Back in the Old Days of the blog -- back in 1996 -- when I was trying to narrate my death, I would reach  moments of reflection and suddenly declare and "end to book" two or whatever. I divided my life into volumes which I can now go back and examine, something I haven't done yet.

But the point is that I have been personally attending to some health issues, nothing serious. But I've also been writing some music. It's a new song that I'm submitting to someone, so I don't want to jinx it by talking about it and then getting rejected. My RT friends know about it and have heard various versions of it.

Additionally, I've been taking performance classes with Andy Gale and Mark Janas, and preparing for the concert with the Righteous Mothers in Olympia.

We have kinda been going out a lot, but it's mostly to meet peo…