Friday, August 13, 2021

Walk With Me - Tour Guides Protest - 08 07 21

I walked into a protest! But who? I didn't know, so I followed them around until I found out. It's the "live" tour guides who are being pushed out of the tour buses.

This is too bad because interaction with live guides tells you so much more than a mechanical voice recorded years ago, spouting out old recordings, poorly synched.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Walk With Me 07 22 21 The Pond at Central Park

After meeting Gavin Gold the other day, it was so beautiful outdoors, I kept walking over to the east side of the park in order to find "The Pond," which as I was taping this, I didn't know the name of. (World's worst tour guide). Then I stumbled into a path I had never trod, swooping south and seeing The Pond from a new angle. A duck or two might also have joined us.

Walk With Me. 2022-01-12 Passage