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Daily Shack. 21 JAN 2016. Learning Fingerpicking.

Oy. It's so hard. I'm incrementaling my way through "Rescue." It sounds great on guitar. I just wish I could do it in less than 45 minutes.

Daily Shack: Back in the Studio

Happy to be back practicing guitar after a day of rest, watching movies and catching up on TV shows.

Daily Shack. 18 JAN 2016

Rehearsing my new song for my songwriting group tonight. Demo ready soon.

the security guard’s human event

young glasses guard with big smile
a taciturn presence

“oh? you’re doing acting classes?
what do they -- what do you… do in there?”

i said,
“well, it’s a scene study class, so we bring scenes
or the teacher gives us scenes and we do them
and he says, here try it this way
or try it that way”

“what do you get outta that?”

his eyes were bright with curiosity
like, behind this big, aloof, handsome man
who i was, at first, afraid of
months ago when i first encountered him
here at the desk in the middle of the night

he speaks in almost a whisper
now i see he is very shy, extremely shy
but i know that look
i know it from my own face

the first time i thought about an acting class
it sounded exciting

a playground

where you use all your senses

and explore your inner self

by exploring the inner selves of others

to not be myself

to play

to pretend

to be free

i imagined what he would be like in the room with us
he would be silent as a stone
staring off into the corner
when speaking, he’d be softe…