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New Steve songs in SFGMC's Harvey Milk tribute.

June 27-28 the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus will debut of two new compositions I've written for Living the Legacy: Harvey Milk 2013, "I Met A Boy" and "Resolution." Other composers featured will be Joseph Martin, Omar Thomas, my very beloved Sean Chapin, and Julian Hornik. Act Two will consist of the World Premiere of Broadway composer Andrew Lippa's "I Am Harvey Milk."

I am so honored to be included because not only am I in talented company, but the first act is going to be arranged by Dr. Timothy Sarsany, who is a legendary choral arranger, and conductor of the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus. This really is a thrill.

This started when I saw a press release that they were accepting submissions for this special evening, and they wanted songs that reflected how times have changed since Harvey Milk began his campaign to get us all out of the closet. I finished one, and then, because of a suggestion by pal, Ken McPherson (who felt like I had mo…

I Will Appear at the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR.

It's all sold out so you can't go. Sorry. Tho I see some online at #wds2013, people unable to use theirs. But maybe we can do something about that. Make our own thing alongside it. Anyway, the news is that I've been asked to perform at the 2013 World Domination Summit. I'm thinking I should call myself Golorb! World Dominator!

This being my 60th year on this planet, it only makes sense that I would finally begin to realize my goal of world domination (was that my goal?), and no, the conference is not an S&M retreat.

It's a gathering of self-motivated entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers, tinkerers, explorers, craftspersons, writers, bloggers and musicians who gather every year to network and celebrate living a non-conformist and remarkable life. The man who has pulled this together is author, traveler and entrenepreneur Chris Guillebeau who does remarkable things, and then writes and blogs about it. 
But he doesn't just keep it to himself. He explains in simpl…

The 13th Step

Had great fun hanging out with my second cousin, Nathan and his wife, Kendra. They were passing through town, moving up to Maine from Savannah.

After our lunch (at the Hitchcockian sounding "The 13th Step"), I went in and did my lines for the camera.

I wasn't nervous or anything. I just said them as plainly as I could. And then I tried a few other things. We'll see how it goes. Carl is thinking he wants me in the title role of Zombie Priest. I told him I can totally do a googly scary eye because of the paralysis in my right orb.

I Get To Act In A Movie!

Since my goal here in the Bonus Round is to do at least one of everything before I die, I can check "Movie Actor" off the list. Unless, of course, they leave me on the cutting room floor, the bastards. I feel very Bette Davis at this moment.
This Sunday afternoon, I will go over to the Lower East Side, find this location and deliver one line. Called "Perfect Timing," I will be Bachelor 8 at a speed dating event. Apparently, from the words they've given me, I am not one of the more suitable dates.
Okay, it's not a movie. More like a video short -- but what's the difference anymore? It's being done by a group of people called PrashNYC. My connection is Carl McGuire (who you'll see as "Zombie Doctor" in one of their other shorts there on the site, We met in the choir. And also Lynsey Buckalew, who I will declare to be my personal discovery some day). Carl is producing with Megan Stein, who will also  be directing.
Jim's been directin…

Getting Reconnected.

Yesterday, I talked Cindy Marchionda into coming to church choir. For her, it's a very long train ride. She is a singer and actress from Miami with a great voice, dark auburn black hair and gorgeous huge eyes and smile.

After church, we got on the train and just talked all the way to Andy Gale's class. Or, rather, I should say, I talked. But she kept encouraging me, so I went on and on. Mostly philosophical stuff related to songwriting and how a person earns a living, not just in the arts, but anywhere.

I had told Andy that I want some help putting together a solid 15 minutes of pow. It seems I've been invited to perform at this international convention called the World Domination Summit. We haven't put together all the details yet, so I don't know if it's officially public, if it happens, I want to make sure I'm really firing on all cylinders.

When I perform, I'm usually 100% present, but I'm also very shy about looking people in the eye, from the…

Jim and Steve Do The Travel Show.

Jim said, "Let's go down to the travel show at the Javits Center," which is near our home. "Okay," I said, not knowing was a Travel Show was. To get there walked down 11th, which is almost to the water on the West Side of Manhattan. I was a cold day, but not too bad. He wore his beret.

I wore my South American cowboy hat, of course. Here I am in front of the Javits Center:

 Inside, Jim found these two guys in Cunard outfits right at the door. Both of them are actors, I think. So, here ya go, guys. A little blog love.

We got into a line where this girl was spinning a wheel for free prizes. At that moment, Jim remembered that he and his boyhood pal, Joey Moresca, used to go to travel agents and get brochures and act like customers. Since his apartment building in Brooklyn overlooked the river, he could see all the big passenger ships come in and out.

Guy explaining things to do in Curacao.

I loved this big Russian booth. Just down from it was one for Israel. &qu…

Reading Through Shakespeare.

It has been my intention, since entering into the world of the theater, to read all the way through Shakespeare. 
Not because someone told me to, but because I think if it's there, why not read it? Why not see what all the hubbub is about, you know? Them that's educated tell us he's the best, but I can assure you we did not have a Shakespeare Festival in Buna, Texas. 
So, I thought, "You know, I just just read these things." But the language is so foreign, I never started.

Not unlike when I determined, as a preacher's kid, to read through the whole Bible. (I kinda made it, if "looking at the words" means reading through it. I was probably too young to absorb it in any real detail. I mean, once you get into the begats and slog through through the religious laws and the incomprehensible histories, you still have poetry and metaphors abounding. I'm not sure where I petered out. Probably in Song of Solomon. A little gay boy can't endure endless…

The People You Run Into.

Know what's fun? Walking through Times Square and running into friends/fans in Times Square. Cyndy, the tall blond, and I seem to find each other purely by happenstance, every time she's in town from the West Coast. And we pose for a photo each time, and each time pledge to actually sit over a cup of tea or something.
It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been wearing my TLS show jacket. You see the man over Cyndy's shoulder, behind us? He was handing out fliers for some comedy club, and he greeted Jim and me by name, to which Jim responded with a quip, which made him laugh and pretty soon, we were laughing together, him telling us we need to bring our wives.
I told him if I brought anyone, it would be my boyfriend. I don't have a wife! At which point, Cyndy walked up with her friend, whose name I always forget (sorry), and we were off and hugging each other like old lovers. 
It was pretty funny at the time. 

Giving Yourself Permission.

Chris Gillebeau discusses fear and giving yourself permission. Which also means having courage and not waiting for someone to give you the go-ahead.

I remember having this kind of courage back in 1996, when I was too sick to consider any alternatives. We had a show. I wanted it up. Everyone around me, just out of sheer love for me, knowing that the deadline was upon us -- by that point, I was a walking skeleton -- they made it happen. Because they wanted to make it happen for me.

But not just because I was dying. But because I was a true believer. I believed so much in this score -- in this set of songs. They came out of me in an almost supernatural way. Many of them, by the way, came to me in the apartment of jazz and classical legend, Stan Freeman, who was an old friend of Jim's. Stan gave me use of his piano when he was in New York doing a Marlene Dietrich play -- where he played himself. (Stan used to conduct for Marlene.)

I knew these songs were real. I knew they were meanin…

2012: First Thoughts.

When I sat down to write this, I had meant to write 2013: First Thoughts. Instead, even though I saw all those Internet reminders about practicing to write 13, I wrote 12. So, this is officially a pre-statement. Like Issue 0, to put it in comic book terms. It's 4am. The only sound is the cat snoring, the barely noticeable traffic outside. Even in New York, 3am is 3am.

I've been quiet over the holidays here on this blog because someone I know in my private life, a family member, is facing a life or death situation, though the prognosis is hopeful and all signs are positive. And I just haven't felt like talking much.

So, my first thought is that it's nice, sometimes, to just be quiet. Even in a world where blog posts and Tweets and Facebook streams are constant.

2012 was a big year for me for several reasons, not just because my longtime dream of getting a London production of The Last Session came true (thanks, Rob Harris), but because the producers let me hang out wit…