If my life was a game show, I'd be in the Bonus Round. I almost died. Didn't die and now... The Bonus Round, where time speeds up and the prizes are better. For my 60th birthday year, I recorded an album, I'm doing some concerts around New York City and I even composed a concert Mass which debuted on June 7. I update a few times a month these days, and I don't spam. So it's easier to keep up with me by following by Email. When this blog began, it was to track my death. I'm told it was the first AIDS blog. You can start at the gruesome beginning if you want. Or just jump in and maybe we can learn some life lessons together. Welcome to the Bonus Round. I'm Steve, The Songwriter.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I Get To Act In A Movie!

Since my goal here in the Bonus Round is to do at least one of everything before I die, I can check "Movie Actor" off the list. Unless, of course, they leave me on the cutting room floor, the bastards. I feel very Bette Davis at this moment.

Google street view of shooting location.
The 13th Step sounds like a Hitchcock movie.
This Sunday afternoon, I will go over to the Lower East Side, find this location and deliver one line. Called "Perfect Timing," I will be Bachelor 8 at a speed dating event. Apparently, from the words they've given me, I am not one of the more suitable dates.

Okay, it's not a movie. More like a video short -- but what's the difference anymore? It's being done by a group of people called PrashNYC. My connection is Carl McGuire (who you'll see as "Zombie Doctor" in one of their other shorts there on the site, We met in the choir. And also Lynsey Buckalew, who I will declare to be my personal discovery some day). Carl is producing with Megan Stein, who will also  be directing.

Jim's been directing me all week. And then reproducing my efforts back to me. It's pretty hilarious. I can be natural in a scene, but I think you almost have to trick me. Carl says there'll be an element of improv on the set, so that may work in my favor.
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