Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Zero Hour Receives 3 Ovation Nominations

We are currently in New York City for a few days having business meetings. Yesterday, we were in our agent's office and, since it was the day that the LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards were out, we were on pins and needles to see if "Zero Hour" would get nominated.

Jim borrowed their computer and called up the website and saw a link to the 2006 nominations. He clicked on the link, which brought up a pdf file. Then he looked over at me and said, "I can't look! You have to do it. I'm too nervous!"

So he got up from the chair and I went over and began scrolling down. First up: Best World Premiere Play. I didn't see it, so I kept scrolling. And there it was! His first nomination! And then it hit me. They list them in alphabetical order. So, Zero Hour is going to be last, no matter what.

Next up: Best Play, Intimate Theatre. Now, since he had already been nominated for Best World Premiere Play, we weren't expecting it to be there. But, wrong! There it was! Now we had TWO nominations.

Scrolling again. Best Lead Actor in a Play...


THREE NOMINATIONS!! And Jay Johnson was nominated for Best Solo Performance. So, we're thrilled for him, too.

Anyway, can't stay long on the net. Just wanted to deliver the good news.
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