Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Free Prizes!

We love the place they've put us for this run here in Houston. It's a suite hotel where we can cook meals. It sits on a golf course and, if we want to use the restaurant attached to the golf course, we can get 50% off on the weekends. And this restaurant has GREAT food, including a terrific Texas Chicken Fried Steak.

Today, they announced a free buffet here in the hotel with chicken fingers and salad. AND a BINGO GAME! So, Jim and I, who've never turned down a meal, made our way down to the "Great Room," loaded our plates up with hot chicken fingers and bought some Bingo cards (for $1 each, the proceeds to go to a children's charity).

Although there were several groups of men (British workers doing something for Siemens) eating large platefuls of food, Jim and I were the only two people playing Bingo.

And we both won at the same time! Our prizes? Two free meals for two at the Sand Trap Restaurant!
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For my birthday, also St. Francis of Assisi Day,

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