Saturday, June 09, 2007

Evangelical Leaders Proclaim God to be a Terrorist!

God will destroy America because of lesbians! Just like Osama!
in the twisted and cowardly world of James Dobson and John MacArthur, gay sex will bring about the destruction of an American city. It's God's wrath, they say.

In other words, what they're implying is that if another American city is attacked, God is the Bin Laden -- and He's declared a jihad against lesbians and the subsequent celebration of lesbians. Similarly, the late Stay-Puft Jerry Falwell believed that God punished America on September 11 for its harboring of gays, feminists and abortionists. Again, God is the real attacker here.

God, it seems, is an evildoer. All He needs is a video camera, dialysis machine and a pudgy, bearded sidekick and he's all set for a holy war.

But God isn't the only evildoer here. These ministers have literally admitted to God being the real terrorist, and they've admitted to praising God, so they're with the terrorists. So why haven't they been detained and shipped away to those secret torture hostels where scary interrogation contractors are mandated to electrocute their pristine scrotal flesh with those zappy sponge prods from Lethal Weapon? Why hasn't Pat Robertson been waterboarded yet?
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