Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still In Mourning.

I was telling my friend, musician and singer Norman Anderson that I haven't really cried over Thurber yet.

I have some real life things that are stressing me out just a bit and I just haven't allowed myself, for some reason, to really mourn over him. But I feel this pall. I don't want to inflict it on others, so when I tell them about Thurber having died, I don't make a big deal about it. It's okay with me that some people aren't "pet people."

And I don't know if I'm ready for "the big cry" yet. For instance, as I'm writing this, my face is starting to burn hot, my nose is beginning to water and my eyes are starting to hurt. Do I need to plunge in and just get it over with? And when you do that, does it help?

God, I just remembered, as a child, picking up our dog, Tippy. (TIPPY??). Hit by a car. Dead in the street. My brother Dave was there. He has a better memory for these sorts of things. He always accuses me of dramatizing everything out of proportion, which I probably do.

I have some stories from the cruise that I didn't tell you about, and can't pull myself to do it. One is with the Night Crew. Remember them? They were all there and events regarding the Night Crew videos mushroomed until we were all the TVs in the staterooms with a brand new video.

I also met a military man who is directly involved in the anti-insurgent strategy in Iraq. We had a long, fascinating discussion.

So, I will get to those. I promise.
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