Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just In Case You Missed It.

David Archuleta has had a couple of rough weeks. He was faltering as he tried to fit into the different genres of singing being thrown at him. This week, he sings a Dolly Parton song and so completely inhabits this song, it's almost heart stopping.

I'm a total sucker for country gospel soul, and this kid knows how to sing it. He also has a quality that I've been accused of. He makes people cry.

I know I must seem like a teenager posting this. But no, it's more than that. It's professional. It's the songwriter in me is that's ringing this bell. He sings like I write.

I love the way his voice sounds in the intro section because it's not drenched in the live reverb. And watch what his voice does to Dolly. You can see her losing it right there and that's not acting.

He needs to be singing my songs. He needs to sing "Going It Alone."

Wait. I can see it now. David Archuleta singing "Out Of Many Comes One" at the inauguration of Barack Obama!
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