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SFGMC Rehearsing "New World Waking!"

I'm Singing THIS SUNDAY at MCC in the Valley.

The First New World Waking Rehearsal.

AIDS Treatment Should Start Sooner: Wash Post

Tonight's the Night.

Just Bein' Steve.

And I'm Off to San Francisco!

Nobody Leaves New York

Devin Sings Steve!

Video - I Don't Want To Know Your Name.

Marge Champion & Donald Saddler Interviewed by Jim Brochu.

How Jim Brochu Met Joan Crawford.

Jennifer Holliday added to "New World Waking"

Chest Congestion & Musings on Music.

McCain Supporters Fight Off Anti-Muslim Man.

Mr. Blackwell died.

What Colin Powell Said About Muslim Americans.

I have a gig on Nov. 18!

Bev's Lousy Friend.

Reluctant Soldier - Live at Kulak's Woodshed

New World Waking! update.

Creating Community, a musical tribute to Kulak's Woodshed

The Big Voice goes to Allentown, PA!

It's My Daddy's Birthday!

Fires and Friends.

Bug's Gone. This One Lives.

Happy Birthday to me!

But Ya Aren't, Blanche. Ya Aren't.