Friday, January 23, 2009

The Story You Knew Was Comin'. (with updates)

Ted Haggard is back. He is about to promote a big new documentary on HBO -- and another young man, a volunteer at the church, has come out of hiding and says that Haggard is still lying. That he himself carried on with Haggard. He came forward at the same time that Mike Jones came forward, but the church basically paid him off to keep his mouth shut.

But he feels that he can't stand by and watch Haggard continue with his deception.

The article.

Mike Jones told me himself not too long ago that Haggard is still lying about his sexual activities. He was trying to get people to remind the media that he has the real story behind this guy. Me, I don't care what anyone does with or to themselves. My objection to Haggard is that he was engaging in same sex activities (and drugs) while leading a crusade against it.

Haggard is about to do a media blitz. Everyone -- all you news bookers -- should make sure Mike Jones is added to your telecasts.

EDIT: Mike has just written me and said this:
thank you. also if people would be reminded of why I titled my book "I Had to Say Something". My god, I always knew there were others.
A lot of people owe Mike a big apology.

RE-EDIT: Truth Wins Out Calls for Investigation

Truth Wins Out Calls On Authorities To Investigate Ted Haggard's Former Church

Hush Money Scandal Emerges From New Life's Closet, Says TWO

NEW YORK - Truth Wins Out (TWO) today called on Colorado officials to investigate New Life Church, after the Associated Press revealed that New Life paid money to keep a male volunteer from publicly disclosing a romantic affair with the church's former minister Ted Haggard.

According to the AP, New Life's current Senior Pastor, Brady Boyd, said that the church reached a legal settlement to pay the man for counseling and college tuition, with one condition being that none of the parties involved discuss the relationship publicly.

"Until conservative churches stop shaming gay people and learn to accept them, we will see more tawdry scandals," said Truth Wins Out's Executive Director Wayne Besen. "These calamities are a direct result of the closet."
Rev. Boyd denied that New Life paid hush money and said, "Our desire was to help him. Here was a young man who wanted to get on with his life. We considered it more compassionate assistance - certainly not hush money."

I have a feeling Rev. Boyd believes what he's saying. Apparently, they can sue the young man for speaking out. But that means they all signed a nice document. You stay quiet. We'll give you money. Rev. Boyd says they will not sue.

At this point, I have no idea what kind of person Ted Haggard is, but if the goal here is higher ratings for the HBO Special, well done! The question is whether they'll address this new allegation when it finally airs. I would hope that they would.


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If this new allegation turns out to be true, then alot of people owe Mike Jones an apology, beginning with that bitchy activist from DC.