Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Sky Saxon

Sky Saxon died. His band was called "The Seeds."

His song was a garage band that found a groove and a hook, "Pushing Too Hard," that kinda sorta spoke to the bratty teenager of the late 60s era as well as to the "too cool to live on earth" crowd.

Here's a video "from 1966." You can see how they're presenting. Tough. A little arrogant.

Then I found this. Here they are in Feb. 1967 with Kaye Ballard and Eve Arden on "The Mothers-In-Law." This is beyond priceless. The teevee dialogue is so Brady Bunch.

Speaking of anthems.

November 1996.

"I Can't Seem To Make You Mine" is one of those songs that is a hook surrounded by what sounds like cat sounds in the vocal and guitar. The lyrics are junior high level, which is why they're so appropriate to the groove -- and that's what fun about this song, is just his groove and way his voice cracks around it.

Hmmmm. Guilty Pleasure Night...
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