Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rescue gets another chance to help doggies.

Just got this note:

Hi Steve. My name is Amy Wentzel - I am the fund raising director for a small rescue in North western Pennsylvania (The Lyons Den Rescue, Inc.). We will be holding our 7th annual Canine Carnival on September 12th. This event brings area rescues together with dog clubs and vendors of animal products to network with each other, educate the public on spay/neuter, promote adoptions, and to raise funds for our rescue. Would it be possible for us to use your song, "Rescue" at our event? If we can use it, can you send me a copy? I came across your site while searching for songs to be played by our DJ during the event. Thank you for your help.
Amy Wentzel
Our website:
I wrote her back and told her I and my co-writers would be MORE than honored for them to use "Rescue" for their event. This makes me so very happy. And just in case you haven't heard "Rescue"....

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