Thursday, September 10, 2009

Posting "Zero" Reviews.

I've been posting the reviews as fast as they come in. It feels like a miraculous week, as rave after rave pile in, one on top of the other. So, the reader will have to forgive me for the flurry. But, I just don't want any of them lost in the mist of time. Links can break, magazines can fall out, but these reviews -- I'm so proud of them, and so proud of Jim, I wanted to make sure they all resided someplace.

Also, Piper Laurie came into town and did a talkback after the show last night. I taped it from my seat, so I'll be editing that and posting it to Youtube soon.

Stay tuned!
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For my birthday, also St. Francis of Assisi Day,

here is "Rescue" the song I sang to Erika Amato 's Buddy the dog. Imagine if we loved humans as much as we love our animals...