Friday, October 02, 2009

A Quiet Week.

As I kind of said before, Jim and I have mostly been staying in the apartment since we got back. Both of us are so tired from a month of constant work and stress and getting the show ready for New York, while trying to see DC -- well, it took a lot more out of us than we realized.

After we got home, we did a quick shopping for food, and we've barely moved since.

He's been hibernating with his laptop doing his picture collages of the trip, and I've been catching up on sleep, playing my keyboard and getting reacquainted with my music (!), and generally just following my body tempo.

Last night, I fell asleep early, then woke up at 1, then back asleep, then up again at 4, then back again. The Sustiva that I take for HIV was really mixing with the jetlag to disturb my sleep patterns. This is not going to be easy, getting back into my regular routine. However, I do plan to volunteer down at Kulak's tonight. I miss my friends!

So, all is well. If we don't answer the phone, it's because we probably unplugged it.
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