Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Saw doc. Possible wrist fracture. Not serious, but painful.


I'm staying still. Ice packs. Hot packs.

Right-handed typing.

Many friends said they'd help.

Am finishing up two arrangements for Miami. Adam West Hemming came over to give me an opinion. He arranges and sings for the Marquee Five, a terrific vocal group here in the City. Adam never withholds his opinion, and he makes me laugh.

We both sing in Mark Janas' Christchurch choir in Brooklyn every Sunday morning, making some ridiculously good music, I might add.

I saw John Fischer, too, who helped me change a Finale file. I've gotten so used to Sibelius, I needed some coaching.

Jim and I are video chatting. He is raving about the crew and staff at the Maltz Jupiter.

Okay, now my right arm is tired.

I'll check back in later.
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