Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Curious Statistic.

“Apart from playing Steve Schalchlin’s music frequently on my Music Theatre radio show in Australia, Broadway at Bedtime, I find myself drawn to recommending his music for my vocal students for professional auditions in my position as Vocal Coach. A curious statistic is that every student, who has sung one of Steve’s songs in audition, has got the gig!”

Director, Music Director, Vocal Coach, Actor, Singer.
Host, Broadway at Bedtime
Green Room Awards Association Inc, Music Theatre Panel
That was the very surprising email I got in response to request I issued on Facebook. Because we're going to start selling my music online, Watchfire Music asked me to provide some quotes from singers, or other people involved in music who had ever used my songs. Because, honestly, I know you may not believe this, mom, but I'm not that well known. I gotta hawk this stuff!

I'm now the guy in the cyber alley opening by trench coat, sheet music stuffed in all the pockets.

When a distinguished musical director in Australia who's on the board of their theatrical awards says that everyone who auditions singing one of my songs gets the job, this is something I can use! Especially this:
A curious statistic is that every student, who has sung one of Steve’s songs in audition, has got the gig!
I have a sneaking suspicion Mr. Conyers' skill as a teacher probably had something to do with it. But, I've heard this from other actors, how they felt my songs were like a kind of secret weapon. Most people listening to auditions get tired of hearing the same, old songs, time after time.

Which means I'm still a cult figure! And I have secret weapons. In fact, dear reader, I have a lot of songs almost ready for download. And yes, I am going to be asking you to pay me. A worker is worthy of his hire, no?
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