Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Birthday Is Coming Up.

And it's St. Francis animal love day.

I  never knew this.

Growing up, we Baptists rejected the religious office of "Saint" designation. So, there were no stories of any "Saints" of any kind unless they were in the Bible. Same as in the designation "Mother Teresa." She was just seen as a weird-looking old broad who made Catholics feel self-satisfied that she was one of them.

St. Francis. I don't think I really knew about him. And if I did, it was only in the most generic way possible.

I particularly like this image of St. Francis with a St. Bernard.
The verisimilitude alone renders the raccoon unnecessary.

It was to my great pleasure -- the kind of cosmic gift that can only be appreciated when one is an adult.

And the Franciscan robe costume! How sexy is that when turned into beach attire?

Wait. No. Those are Jedi bathrobes.

There we go. 
Which brings me to my birthday...
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