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A TLS Trivia Question.

Here's a trivia question: Which actor in a starring role on two major TV shows played Buddy in the first workshop of The Last Session?

Answer: Charles Esten. (The link takes you to a new interview at Vulture).
He's in Enlightened on HBO and in Nashville on ABC.
And yeah, while I was playing Gideon, with the I.V. still stuck in my arm, my co-star playing Buddy was one Charles Esten, one of the kindest, smartest and most talented human beings on the planet.

What Schools Don't Teach

There was a time when being a computer coder was for nerds and outcasts. I don't know how to code, but when I first went on the Internet in 1995 and then put up my website in 1996, I had to learn html in order to write webpage. So I did. Some of it was just rote learning, and some of it was copy/paste from someone else's basic code. But I learned it well enough to put up a website back when 2/3 of the students in college classes I visited didn't even have email yet.

But if students today want the jobs of tomorrow, this is the modern "shop class" that ought to be everywhere.

I Sure Can Scream.

"This is going to hurt," she warned me. I shoulda put my wallet in my mouth.

This plantar wart on my foot. It's been too persistent. This was my first time in her office.

She was talking about the Lidocaine that was about to be injected into my foot. I was immediately transported back to the famous Bell-Toe Incident in the old diary. Here is how I described it back then, when they had to numb my toe:
Of all the torture devices on this planet, of all the pain I've felt, nothing tops that needle going into the joint of my big toe. I started hyper ventilating and screaming again. She kept saying, "Slow down your breathing. It should stop hurting soon. Slow down!" My mind was a maze of pain and horror. I knew it would be over, but ohmygawd it just seemed to take so long.  After I finished screaming yesterday, as she numbed the area between my toes, she said, "We can all go home now! You just cleared out the dressing room."

The reason for the numbing …

Finger Aches.

I discovered it for real when, not long ago, my hands were in extreme pain after setting down some grocery bags.Then I felt pain as I picked them up. Now I am noticing this pain almost all the time, like when I stretch our my fingers wide.

I like getting old, but I hate the side effects.

Seed Planting.

Yesterday, blogger Seth Godin wrote another of his profound blog entries about seed planting. In time of scarcity, the harvest become fraught with competition and danger. But if enough seeds are planted during that time, the season of fear will pass and a season of plenty will soon come.

When the Righteous Mothers and I sang our concert in Olympia, Washington, I wasn't physically doing so well. When the strep throat -- or whatever it was -- came on, it was all I could do to croak my way through the show. My mind was on my misery, though we had a wonderful bonding experience, the audience, the other singers and I.

 But, as if by magic, an idea formed in the head of someone who was there purely by happenstance, who had never heard of me.

How often can we brag we not merely inspired someone, but that we inspired an artist? One of those special kinds of persons who take one thing and turn it into something else.

It's something everyone can do, even if it's just planting a see…

Review of "Out of the Silence."

From the Seattle Gay News:
'Out of the Silence is an exhibit celebrating Diversity, Love & Understanding.' What it does is set up a visual feast of thoughtful, inspiring, and provocative quotes that represent some of the many voices standing up to bullying. And the proceeds go to Pizza Klatch, an Olympia organization whose goal is to reduce the rate of suicide (and attempted suicide) among LGBTQ students. This is the calligraphic exhibit I told you about earlier, which was created by Sally Penley, who told me she was inspired by my concert in Olympia. They even mention me in the article!
It was in January 2012 that Penley attended a PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) sponsored event in Olympia. When a New York songwriter began performing a song about his own experiences, Penley was so moved that she decided to figure out a way to help the fight against LGBTQ youth-bashing and suicide. That's me! The "New York songwriter!"

Thanks, S…

Blood Test Results.

Liver function, normal. Kidneys, normal. Cholesterol, normal. T-cells over 500 and holding steady. T-cell percentage at 24% (the highest it's been -- this is good). Triglycerides almost normal. Blood sugars under control. No kidney stones.

After delivering the good news, Dr. Tony said, "Ah, I'm good." And then polished his fingernails with a grin. 
After a year of much pain and worry, and after months on this new veggie diet, plus new HIV meds, it seems it's all working. Now I just need to rebuild body strength to prepare for my big moment at the World Domination Festival.

At one point, we were talking about being sick and I mentioned how I once had moluscums that were breaking out on my face and skin. He said, "You have to have an almost destroyed immune system when you're breaking out in those." He also said that, of all his patients, I've come from the longest way, healthwise, starting from when I was at the very bottom, back when I started …

The Scared is Scared

Found this on Digg. Love it. A six-year tells a story and then philosophizes on how to stop being scared of things.

How Yoga Helped a Veteran.

Zuzu's Petals by Kevin Andrew.

Kevin's story is one filled with heartaches and triumphs. Told firsthand, it is a personal journey in which one man struggles to find meaning through his own experiences with religion, war, death, physical disability, cancer, and depression. Ultimately, through meditation and the practice of yoga, he finds peace and turns tragedy into triumph. Kevin's story will inspire anyone who seeks to find sanity and simplicity in an insane and complex world.

Video Diary Jan. 2013: 2 Seconds at a Time

A little experiment that turned out better than I ever dreamed. I had read about a person who recorded two seconds of video every day and came out with an entertaining video. So, I thought I'd give it a shot.

There are a few celebrities sprinkled throughout this video. Can you pick them out?

EDIT: Here is the shot list.

1. Manhattan skyline, looking south. World Trade Center. Christmas Eve, Dec. 2012.

2. Hudson river. New Jersey.

3. Hudson River. Jacob Javits Center and entrance to tunnel.

4. Midnight Mass. Christmas Eve. Silent Night. Candles only.

5. My pill tray. My list of medications beneath it.

6. WTC. Between Christmas and New Year.

7. Snow. Manhattan Plaza, which has subsidized housing for actors and retirees, through door.

8. 10th Avenue and 42nd street.

9.  Hudson River.

10. 42nd Street New Year’s Eve.

11. Me mentioning the barracades.

12. McDonald’s Times Square.

13. 42nd Street cleaner.

14. New Amsterdam theater. Mary Poppins is closing soon.

15. Me and Mary Poppins.

16. Times Square…