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Amazon On Demand is "backlogged"

Several people have complained that they couldn't find how to order a physical CD of "Tales from the Bonus Round" on the Amazon On Demand store.

I inquired at TuneCore after seeing, on their site, that Amazon is backlogged.

So, please forgive me for the delay.

It's not you.

You can still get it cyberly from all the big download and streaming sites.

Crying for Fred Phelps.

The Rev. Fred Phelps is dying, excommunicated.

As one who looked him eye to eye, I have this compulsion to go to wherever they bury the now excommunicated from his own church, Rev. Fred Phelps, and just sit down and cry.

Hold a Lamentation. Maybe hold one for the whole world while I'm at it. But, specifically, to mourn the life that could have been, had he not had a particular obsession.

(If you're not familiar with this story, he's the "Baptist" minister from Kansas who first got attention by protesting at funerals of dead gay kids, which got him some press, but then moved on to funerals of veterans.)

How sad a life, to have been obsessed with this one thing - gay folk - to the point that it drove him spiritually insane. Training his kids in it.
And then, at the end, (as the story goes, though no one is talking on the record) when his "Church Board" suddenly turns on his hateful daughter, a thing he created, he suddenly cries out to them for kindness. 

Throwback Thursday Thoughts by Jim Brochu.

Jim Brochu wrote on Facebook.
THROWBACK THURSDAY THOUGHTS: When I was a naïve young actor (now I’m a naïve old actor; I was thrown out of every acting class I ever took), I was told to visualize how I wanted to spend a perfect day and the dream would become reality.
I saw myself waking up knowing I had a show that night, then dash off to do a radio interview with one of New York’s wittiest theatre raconteurs, get to sing to an audience with a virtuoso at the piano, meet a fan who saw your show the night before and said I made her laugh, do the show, then hang out with legends and talk about theatre, then go home with my best friend who just happened to have a camera. Ah, well. I know those days are gone forever. But I had a nice day anyway. I was the best friend with the camera.

So let's review:

 I was told to visualize how I wanted to spend a perfect day and the dream would become reality. 

We trudged around in the cold rain, lugging a bag with the camera.

I saw myself waking up k…

Joe McGinness, the famous crime writer, acted in my home made movie aboard a cruise ship.

Joe appears in a scene of one-liners at a round table right about 5:00.

8 years ago, we got our first digital video consumer grade camera and, because Jim Brochu, the most famous actor in the world, had a gig on one of the legs of a world cruise -- Sydney to Hong Kong -- we knew we wanted to document the trip, but find that most vacation movies are really boring. Here we are at Bla Bla. And here we are standing in front of the Bla Bla.

I mean we have all this location! That would cost a zillion dollars if you were doing a Hollywood film.

So, a friend suggested we think up a premise.

We thought glamorous Famous Actress from the 30s is on board and is hiding out.

It started with the flight attendants in their suite overlooking Sydney harbor. Then we start involving friends, then other passengers, and members of the crew. All in on the joke from the start.

But as we made it to the various ports, we ran into the most unexpected guest stars. For instance, touring a hotel in Bru…

Discount tickets for Character Man for Wednesday night, March 12


Due to a temporary SMARTTIX GLITCH, it was not possible to buy tickets for the 3/12 performance. The problem has been fixed, so PLEASE try again. And because this show has a great TALKBACK scheduled afterwards with Lee Roy Reams, Sondra Lee and Peter Filichia joining Jim Brochu to discuss the late, great character man David Burns, Urban Stages is offering a ONE NIGHT ONLY DISCOUNT PRICE OF $20!!! That's more than 40% off! The code is CM20 and is good for WED., MARCH 12 7PM only. If you are a fan of classic Broadway musicals, here's your chance to hear living legends share their memories. Plus see a great show that the NY Times calls "solidly satisfying"'. Hope to see some old and new friends there! For tickets:

Opening Night in New York.

It is fun to be a part of an opening night in New York. It's also a lot of work.

My job was to greet people in the lobby and take photos. (I like having a task during things like this.)

So different from The Last Session opening in London, where The Big Party is not done. (In fact, what I do remember was the rather dignified -- but fun! -- gathering in the small bar area, just cast and crew members and their families. Oh, but how excited we all were! Then Rob Harris and Darren Day said some very nice things about me. I said nice things about him (and the rest of the cast) and that was it. Quiet, Lovely. Dignified. Like a church service. It was memorable and meaningful.)

But there is also something to be said for a star-studded gala at Sardi's, where the music is playing and everyone is celebrating in party fashion. A perfect venue for a true Broadway "Character Man."

We were on the second floor of historic Sardi's, overlooking 44th street. Big Windows. Streets f…

The Times Review is in.

And it's a smash. In fact, it's downright lovely. Daniel Gold even gives us a quotable, "Solidly satisfying evening. Walks down memory lane are rarely so inclusive and entertaining." Which, for the Times, is like a stadium roaring.

Aside from the personal gratitude one feels for this -- we were on tenterhooks all week waiting for it to come out -- it will give the show a chance to find its audience, which is not easy in a big city, where there are thousands of entertainment options every single night. Where voices in small not-for-profit theaters get drowned out because of the high price of ad dollars.

For Frances Hill and Peter Napolitano, it's also a victory for their artistic vision. It was absolute luck that, just as they were needing a show and had heard of it, Jim and I were booked at the Metropolitan Room together.

It also means I can focus now on my concert, which is only a week away! I'm not even sure if we've sold any tickets. Hey, a week is a l…

March 12 in SF, Camarota/Manuel will sing New World Waking songs.

At Martuni's. March 12. 7pm to 8:45pm. 
Each month, Stephen Camarota and Dustin Manuel, two impossibly good looking and talented men, sing a program called "Songbook." This month the theme is Heroes and they intend to include selections from New World Waking.
Thanks, guys! Make a video!

Jim on TV's NY1 show, OnStage.