Friday, September 28, 2018

Post-Shoulder Surgery Update

I have been faithfully doing my physical therapy exercises for about nine months now. I have incremental strength in my arm. For instance, I can now carry a bag of groceries. I can open the very hard door to dump our trash. It's spring loaded. And when I first got out, I couldn't do that particular job for many months.

I'm also approaching 65 years old. When I began my online diary back in 1996, I was dealing with AIDS and almost dying. Now that I am facing the old age, the medications that keep me alive are also giving me many complications that make life difficult. I'm not complaining. I'm much more happy alive and I am dead, not that I have spoken to any dead people lately.

So this one is about getting my right arm back to where I can use it.

I still cannot thrust it forward nor can I reach up. So essentially it is still more or less worthless for any kind of normal activity that requires range of motion.

Also, it hurts a lot.

Still, as I lift me weights, I am slowly increasing their size. The arm is definitely getting stronger.

It's just taking so very long.

Today I will see a new surgeon because when I work out a large lump starts to develop on my shoulder. It is fluid leaking but the fact that it doesn't drain very easily is a bit concerning.

But for the past year I have not been able to play the guitar. Playing the piano is very difficult. But if you have been following, I have still manage to write and produce a few songs for myself. I see for myself, laughing late, because no one ever clicks on the music links of new songs but that's okay. I really don't mind. I write music's physical therapy for myself and if no one else wants to listen, thenI would still write the songs anyway.

This past week, Jim has been in Boston. So I've been alone in the apartment and I have manage to do very well. I was able to carry my laundry and wash it. I am finally able to use the vacuum cleaner. Don't laugh. I couldn't do any of that even just a few months ago.

And it was only this week that I was able to finally pick up my guitar, stretch my arm over the front of it and actually play a little bit. Without being in terrible pain, I mean. I have been trying to play it but then I stopped. It was just too agonizing.

And that's my update. I have some news coming up and the project that I'm working on but I don't want to talk about them yet. Much love to all.

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