Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Positoid in Pasadena

Shawn Decker, Steve Schalchlin
World famous positoid, Shawn Decker -- now critically-acclaimed AUTHOR, Shawn Decker -- arrived in Pasadena last night on his book tour. Jim and I made our way over there, found him at Borders, and got an early autograph. He and Gwynn looked gorgeous as usual.

Shawn Decker, Gwenn Barringer

The book is called My Pet Virus: The True Story Of A Rebel Without A Cure. It is filled with Shawn's hilarious take on living with hemophilia and AIDS. It is a great read and I totally recommend it to everyone who reads this blog. Go get it. Now. Seriously.

At Border's he stood up and read passages from the book, smiling slyly and enjoying the gentle reaction from the people in the audience, who were filled with questions. I remember a number of years ago, when Shawn and I were first beginning to talk in front of people. He was always cute and funny, but, back then, he was hesitant in what to say, shy, and a not always clear in his train of thoughts.

Now, after years of traveling with Gwenn, he is articulate and nimble on his feet. I felt like a proud papa since I was the one who both got him into Internet journaling and who helped him find an agent for his personal appearances. Can you tell HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOY???!!!

Shawn Decker, Degen Pener, Gwenn Barringer
Also in attendance, was Degen Pener, who interviewed me back in 1997 for POZ magazine. That's him hugging Shawn. I didn't realize it was him until Shawn referred to him in his speech. (Degen told the world, in that article, that I had pretty eyes. He said I was a terrible flirt. ME?? A FLIRT???).

Jim and I loved seeing Shawn and Gwenn. I hope his book flies off the shelf. It's a great read. Now, of course, I'm going to have to write a book, too. I keep thinking there must be a way to condense this diary and turn it into something, but the task seems so daunting. Some day...

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