Monday, February 02, 2009

Quick Catch-Up.

I've been working on this musical piece, The Antarctic Suite, and listening to some great recordings of Leonard Bernstein given to me by Ken McPherson. It's a lecture series he did at Harvard on American music in the 20th Century. I can almost understand it. But, man, when you hear someone who REALLY knows music (and art and literature and poetry), it humbles you greatly.

So, I haven't done any more video editing. I wanted to get this music ready and use it in the videos.

Meanwhile, last Wednesday I helped facilitate the songwriter workshop at Kulak's Woodshed being run by Marc Platt. Marc's a terrific teacher and has a great knowledge of popular music -- again, humbling me.

This afternoon, I'm having coffee with an old college buddy whose wife found me through Facebook m-- I actually wrote a song and performed it at their wedding.

We haven't seen each other nor spoken in 30 years. Their sons are part of a terrific pop/rock band called The Daylights, who are touring with pop star Katy Perry.

So, I'm really excited to reconnect with an old friend. And do click on the Daylights link. They have that jangly guitar sound that I love.

Also went to see the doc. Tests were all good. My highest t-cell count to date: 525. And a great percentage: 21%. So, I don't know that I'd say my immune system is strengthening since these numbers go up and down all the time, but it's clear that my health is holding its own.

People have asked me about TLS in Rochester, NY. The Downstairs Cabaret Theatre is working out a deal to do the show at the big Geva Theater's smaller venue. So, the dates are tentatively March 15 through early April. Now it's just a matter of clearing everyone's schedules.

I've also been asked to come back to Olympia, Washington for a concert. I'll update you as soon as we set dates.
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