Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Opinion on Miss California and Mr. Hilton

Perez Hilton created Carrie Prejean.

Miss Prejean entered this contest in order to become famous. Why else would you be Miss USA except you're chasing fame as either a model, actress or news anchor?

Perez asked her the question. She answered the question. It could have been left at that. Yes, shockingly, there are people out there in the world who are personally against gay marriage. Did she go into this contest with the express purpose of becoming an anti-gay marriage advocate? I think probably not.

Perez is also in the business of getting famous. (As a songwriter, I understand the value of fame in terms of ticket sales and paychecks).

He served, here, the same function that Fred Phelps provides for gays. Phelps utters religious profanities, gets the spotlight, and everyone feels sorry for the gays he's attacked. We win.

Perez used his public forum to call her some profane name, thus giving her martyr status, and she, still in the business of getting famous, saw the opening and now has a bank of lawyers, no doubt an agent, and they are currently crafting a career for her. ("She's up for Elizabeth's pregnancy break on 'The View!'")

It's just show business.

Whether or not she loses her meaningless title, she gets more headlines which makes her more famous. The best thing that could happen to her is for her to lose her title. She'll become even more of a martyr. Then, the anti-gay spokespersons can parade the argument, "Look what happens if you even DARE to express your opinion on gay marriage!"

The whole thing is ugly and what makes me angry is that real lives are being debated. For all I know, Carrie Prejean might be a "nice" person. Hell, even Perez Hilton might be a "nice" person. But these aren't the voices I want to have dominating the debate over civil rights.
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