Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steve Writes in (Harvard) Gay & Lesbian Review.

I was speaking with Ed Decker up in San Francisco about doing some kind of benefit for the New Conservatory Theatre Center later this year, when he mentioned that he had seen me in the Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide (formerly, the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review), a prestigious bimonthly.

Am I gettin' to be a big shot or what?

They didn't put what I wrote online, since this is a subscription magazine, but it does list my name on the home page.

Basically, it's an essay about why I blog. I discuss how the simple act of putting the condition of my health -- a completely new idea at the time -- led to all the little and big miracles that followed, all the way from meeting gay parents and kids to having two hit shows off-Broadway to speaking at Harvard University to playing John Lennon's piano to having a huge musical piece about war and violence at Davies Symphony Hall.

I guess I do lead a charmed life in so many ways. Anyway, you can get this publication at higher end book stores and magazine stands, as well as ordering it online.
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