Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ZERO HOUR review: Wolf Entertainment Guide

Another great review, this time from the Wolf Entertainment Guide.

I went to see “Zero Hour” with some skepticism on hearing that it was a one-man show with the star performing as the late great actor Zero Mostel. Who possibly could manage to approximate the unique look, distinctive qualities and the larger-than-life demeanor of Mostel? Jim Brochu who wrote the play and stars in it is first seen with his back to the audience. When he turned around, the effect was electrifying. Yes, there stood Zero. And the minute he began to speak, the illusion continued. It turns out that Brochu has the character down pat, in the writing as well as in the make-up and performance.

the amazing performance hold’s one’s attention and engenders appreciation both for what Brochu has accomplished and for the special character and talented performer that Mostel was.

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