Monday, December 07, 2009

Edwin Booth's Bedroom & Rosemary Harris.

Jim & Steve with the great actress, Rosemary Harris, at the Player's Club Christmas Party.

Hey, for history buffs, last night we got a tour of Edwin Booth's bedroom. It's still in the exact same condition as the day he died. Even his slippers are by the bed. He was the greatest actor of his generation. His brother killed Abraham Lincoln.

The Players Club.

You can't believe this place. It's faded elegance is part of the fun. the staircases leading to the library, the room where Equity was born. It's all so foreign to me. So very far away from Arkansas and Texas, and yet, it feels warm and inviting.

The walls were filled with huge portraits of actors in their costumes.

If that doesn't tell you anything, we had dinner sitting at a small table with Rosemary Harris while Jim told stories of attending a "Pipe Night" where Jimmy Cagney sat with three other "Players" and talked for two hours to a room full of men. Women weren't allowed in except on one day a year: Shakespeare's birthday.

We've walked onto the set of Mad Men!

Next week, Jim is going to perform two roles in the Shaw Project, being produced by David Staller. Over the past year, they've performed every play written by Shaw. Every big Broadway star has done one of the readings. (They're done on chairs, holding scripts).

This is the last night. Shaw's last two plays, both unfinished.

In one, he'll be playing a woman.

I'll put up links and pictures, so check back later.
People keep asking me if Zero Hour is going to extend. My understanding is that it can't. That St. Clement's is simply not available. So, while we know Zero Hour has a future, we cannot guarantee people will be able to see it if they wait. I honestly suggest ordering as soon as possible.
Right now, I'm going to assume that this is all there is. That every day spent here is a day we won't get to repeat. But, then, that's what it means to live in the bonus round anyways, so nothing's changed.

But, last night, there at the historic Player's Club, we met Rosemary Harris, invited her to join us at our little table, and it was a magical Christmas present. What a beautiful woman! (Youngsters know her as Spider-Man's Aunt Mae in the movies.)

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