Wednesday, December 09, 2009

OMA Awards.

We did not win the OUT Music Award last night, but it was fun to see several members of the SFGMC there. Like old family members.

Stephen Camarota, who sings Gabi's Song, which was nominated for OUT Musician of the Year, defined as music + activism. I don't mind the label, but I don't consider myself to be an activist of any kind. I have opinions about stuff, but I prefer to just be seen as a songwriter. Gabi's Song wasn't meant to do anything except tell a true story about a mom to took a tragedy and tried to do something about it.

This is a video of the smaller touring group of San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus with just piano, at the Santa Cruz First Congregational Church:

The show itself was terribly disorganized, so I left early, since it was getting late, and they insisted on using a dance DJ to keep the noise level high, even when it wasn't taping. Perhaps it's because I've gone to a lot of tapings in Hollywood, but it's never a good idea to provoke fake enthusiasm. The crowd would actually enjoy some down time to visit with friends between acts. Then, they have more energy that way when it's time to make noise for the cameras.

Still, there was some fantastic talent on that stage, in particular, a rocker woman named Toshi Reagan. She kicked ass. So did Athena Reich.

I'm sorry we didn't win, but I don't begrudge the winners.

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