Monday, February 01, 2010

Gay Chorus Brings Message to Conservative Cities.

Wonderful article about the Freedom Tour being organized and performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.

Looking for answers

Rednecks in those towns can sneer - singers said they experienced a few catcalls - but the 90 unapologetic gay men, many sporting wedding rings, came to town asking tough questions. They performed "William's Song," the true story of a high school boy who was beat up because of his sexuality. And when they sing the chorus - "Why does it take five great big guys to beat up one little queer?" - they expect some answers.

This weekend, they proved harder to ignore than the local cowboys may have expected.

There were several conservative Christians in the audience. They said they were there supporting a friend or family member, but I defy them to say they weren't moved.

"William's Song" is, of course, the song I wrote about Carolyn Wagner and her son, Bill. For readers of this blog, Carolyn is very ill right now. So, prayers and love and good wishes are definitely welcomed.

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