Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reuniting The Family.

Today, we were off to the new theater.

We walked one block south to 42nd street, caught the crosstown bus to Fifth Avenue and then the M2 down to Union Square.

It was so great seeing Don and Jeramy again. I took a little video, but left the camera behind when we walked around the square for the first time, which was jam-packed with people enjoying what looked like a county fair.

Painters. Craftspersons. Musicians. A farmer's market. And right there, across from all this, on the east side, are the rising pillars of a huge, majestic bank building.

We ran into Jane Klain, from the Paley Center, who told us about a woman who rescues kittens and then adopts them out. She had a booth over on the Square.

We love Jane. Then we saw the kittens. They were so tiny, all wrapped in each other's arms. And they wouldn't allow a one-cat adoption. They had to be adopted in pairs. "So they won't get lonely," said the bright-faced girl we spoke to.


Like crack.

We ate at a burger joint.

Union Square is almost like a little, more civilized Times Square. Instead of chain stores and hugeness, it's farm stuff and paintings. And pets. And all around the Square, or in easy reach of it, are a lot of off-Broadway theaters doing really good work.

It's also a little touristy, but in a cool, international way. Fuerza Bruta, playing on our other stage has people swimming overhead, and there's a night club in the basement. There's a tagline below their title that says, "Look Up!"

I told Jim we should tag Zero Hour as "Look Out!"

So, the set needed some adjusting. Jim posed and set things, and then we took off, letting the tech crew do their thing. We also saw the rigger who showed us around Fuerza Bruta yesterday. I think his name is Antonio. Their show offices are in the same place, down in the basement, next to our dressing rooms. Which is cool cuz we'll see each other a lot.

Funny how a show takes over a space, especially with a stage manager like Don Myers.

Yesterday, the halls were lined with the detritus of a exiting show. Today, it was hospital clean, with coffee and Danish for everyone.

He will have a clean environment. Nothing will deter this mission. And it's so appreciated. It changes everything about how you feel when you have a really clean work environment. It automatically makes you feel more professional.

We also looked at the lobby. There's a concession stand. There is a lot of wall space.

I wondered if we could erect some kind of paintings exhibit. If so, they should be framed and treated like first class works of art. A real gallery look. Then, somewhere, tell the story of how over half the earnings from the paintings will be donated to charity.

And there we are mugging in front of Jim's poster, reproducing all his poses.

This is gonna be fun!

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