Friday, March 09, 2012


The other night, Jake and I scoped out The Out NYC, a gay and straight-friendly "urban resort." We didn't take pics that night, so I slipped over last night and just took some random shots. I love the phrase "straight-friendly." 

Those masks are chairs. 

This might be the widest hallway entrance for a small hotel in New York City.
The two guys were friendly, but it was too late to get a real tour of the rooms.

The XL nightclub is AMAZING, BTW. It's huge. And the stage is huge. The night we were there, a big Broadway artist was performing with a full band. The room enormous, but with nice cozy corners, a big floor with tables that can be cleared to make a dance floor. Its close proximity to the Broadway area tells me that this is going to be a very popular hang-out for show folk, especially if rich daddy types start to fly in.

With this on one block and the gorgeous wide-open Yotel 4th floor plaza on the next, Hell's Kitchen just keeps getting hotter (and no, they may NOT rename it MiMA).

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