Saturday, September 29, 2012

And So It Starts.

It opened. The house was packed. I sat in the back. 

My eyes were red from crying. 

And I was crying from the first note. Darren Day is a great singer. He's comfortable in his shoes. It's clear and beautiful. But you can also hear the pain just around the edges. When he sings Gideon, it's from the heart. And rooted in a very jarring bright-eyed world-weariness. An innocence corrupted and lost. And now surrendered.

In this Time Out review, they note "Save Me A Seat." But it's his rendition that's so touching. 

Will Londoners be curious? 

Will American tourists want to see something American in London?

I mean, I wouldn't. I would want to do British-y things. 

However, now just being fair, I might want to see how well the British are "doing" American.

I will be happy to be back in the choir on Sunday. It's the best mediation in the world. And because our choir is good enough, we meet for an hour, learn all the songs, and then perform them. I like being the tenor in the back row. 

Physically, I'm exhausted and I am experiencing pain. So, I'm trying not to do too much. Just rest and drink a lot of water and wait for the British media to come knocking at our door. 

Shall we enter the British tabloids? I confess that I did hang out with all the actors in their dressing rooms. All the time. 

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