Thursday, October 04, 2012

Birthday Health Update

Today, I spent my birthday at a new doctor's office. A nephrologist, or kidney specialist referred by my beloved Dr. Tony. The goal: to chase down why I'm having all these kidney stones. Since I'm physically depleted and still in a little pain, I walked very slowly to the 8th avenue subway, down to 14th street, then the L train to 6th avenue.

I got there an hour early and, within five minutes, Dr. Andrew came into the waiting room, shook my hand and brought me back to his office. I asked him how new knew Dr. Tony and he said they both trained at St. Vincent's, ground zero for the AIDS epidemic -- a hospital that tragically closed a few years ago.

(EDIT: The first thing I said to him, in his office, was "I'm Dr. Tony's favorite patient.")

I brought my list of medications and the results of my previous blood tests. He asked about my history with stone, my diet and was very happy that I drink a lot of homemade fresh-squeezed lemonade -- I squeeze it myself! -- but admitted that I did probably eat too much salt. So, his first instruction was to cut out as much salt as possible. (Goodbye, white cheddar cheese popcorn!)

Back home, Jimmy had bought me a dozen red roses. He had already bought me a birthday present prior to going to London. And now I am resting comfortably. I'm using Facebook during this time because I don't have to expend much effort, but I haven't been writing much else. The discomfort is too distracting and it's hard to think.

This week, we'll be doing more tests and an ultrasound.

So, some people might think it's kind of sad to be spending your birthday in a doctor's office. But, for me, I fell totally in love with Dr. Andrew. He took his time with me, was patient and asked great questions. That's the kind of gift that is incalculable.

Happy birthday to me!


Linda Romanelli Leahy said...

So glad that you like your new doctor--sooooo important. Red roses!

Mage said...

I hope the new doc figures it all out at light speed. Birthday Hugs.

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