Sunday, June 04, 2006

Singing for Saddle Up L.A.

I was very privileged to be invited to sing for a benefit for The Life Group LA, a benefit trail ride called "Saddle-Up L.A."

It was a scorchingly hot day in ol' Burbank town. But a lot of people dutifully showed up and went on the trail ride, this being the first year.

As you can tell from the pictures, I totally got into it. This was a very receptive crowd.

It consisted of people who had spent a great deal of time raising money.

I sang "Connected" and "When You Care" as the finale of the afternoon.

One of the organizers, a performer who calls himself "Mystery Mike" had seen The Last Session 18 times and was a tireless supporter of the L.A. production. Mike seems to be completely in exhaustible. He also worked hard on this event, as did the other organizers and volunteers.

These are screen captures of me singing. As you can tell, freed from the keyboard, I really cut lose on stage. People in the audience were screaming, "Preach it!"

So, I did.

I told them that people survive because of their friends and family who care. Here is a video of that live performance.

When You Care Live at Saddle Up LA

Quicktime Version

YouTube flash Version
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