Saturday, February 10, 2007

More on Understanding Haggard

Peterson Toscano delivers some incisive insight into the Ted Haggard thing.

Something else the larger world needs to understand about the conservative Christian world when it comes to statements like the minister pronouncing him to be, "completely heterosexual."


Seriously. They deny the existence of homosexual persons altogether. "Gay" is a label that heterosexual people attach to themselves when they prefer to have gay sex.

I know it hard to wrap your mind around that, but that's how they think. Everyone is straight, but some people just get confused -- because daddy didn't love them enough, or mommy was too assertive (can you hear the patriarchal bell ringing?), because they got raped by other heterosexuals who love gay sex -- and start wanting to have gay sex. BUT THEY'RE STILL HETEROSEXUAL.

This is how they justify their silly programs and "ministries" and therapies and conversion camps. By simply denying that fact that we exist at all.

Thus: Ted Haggard is "completely heterosexual."
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