Thursday, August 07, 2008

PET Scan on Friday.

Today, I'm not allowed to eat any carbs at all. Only proteins and dark green veggies.

Because I've been scheduled to take a PET Scan tomorrow. That's a test where they inject or I drink or however it's done, radioactive sugars. If I have sugar in my system, then the new sugars won't be able to get in.

And I have to stay completely still for a solid hour.

Me? Still for an hour? Why don't they just ask me to recite the Constitution from memory? That would be easier.

Anyway, they're checking specifically for lymphoma, but everyone has been telling me not to freak out, that they're sure it's not that. But still...

And, of course, everything happens at once. They're steam cleaning our carpets today. Steinbeck was totally freaked out and hid beneath the bed until I could drag him out and put him in his carrier. Now, he's feeling more secure.

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