Thursday, August 05, 2010

Prop 8 Overturned.

I'm currently having a major computer malfunction, so I am going to have some problems uploading photos and telling you about this past week, which was great, but here's to the overturning of Prop 8. May it stand forever.


Devin Richards said...

hope your computer feels better! :)

NG said...

I was subject once to someone's computer malfuction....she was having tantrums because her monitor wasn't working.

Her malfunction? Her desktop monitor was turned off.

And then there was the one whose internet stopped working. I spent four hours verifying and checking settings...then she realized that she turned off wifi and pointed to a switch on her PC.

The best one by far is from someone who lives here with me who clumsily used her Dell Mini to break her fall, destroyed her laptop display, and came to me thinking I could fix it by resetting the PC.