Thursday, July 26, 2012

Starting Over.

The process of rebirth/renewal isn't a one-time thing. It's what we do every single time we decide to open our eyes. Every day we make a choice to live or to die. How many walking dead people do you know?

No wonder zombie shows are so big now. People love looking into the mirror.

Until they hate it. And then they'll switch back to vampires. Or fantasy heroes.

Meanwhile, they'll wake up again and make that choice. But how do you start? How does one start over even if you wanted to?

Well, it starts with that choice. Once you make it -- really make it -- the things you need will appear. You will find them.

We live in an age in which every possible piece of information is available on a simple touch screen.

If you cannot find it, it's because you haven't really chosen the reboot switch. You may want to have made it. You may have even told yourself that you want it.

But it means changing. Changing your habits. It may be as simple as deciding to not just clean the house, but to create a schedule that forces you to keep it that way. Over and over and over.

The choice isn't merely in your head. It's in your fingers and your feet.

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