Friday, September 06, 2013

Bonus Round Emporium Is Now Open.

Featuring the brilliant "Tales from the Bonus Round" logo of artist Peter Grundy, not only will you find beautiful items to purchase, such as mugs, t-shirts and cards, but you'll be helping me pay off my recording studio bill and helping to spread the word about the new album, which will be released in about a month or so. Bonus Round Emporium.

Longtime readers know that it was the sound of the piano that brought me back to life in 1995, writing the songs that became The Last Session. So, when Peter created this piano graphic, based on my appearance at the World Domination Summit 2013, I was stunned by its meaningful simplicity and beauty and I knew I had to co-opt it for the cover image on Tales from the Bonus Round.

Look at this gorgeous mug.

And several people requested these cards:

First thing I did, after setting up the store was order a t-shirt:

The fabric is thick and ultra-high quality, just like before. I still have an old Bonus Round t-shirt from over 10 years ago that we sold through Cafepress and it almost looks brand new.

So, please, if you would, at least look at the items for sale, and help me pay off the bill for this album. No, I didn't spend a lot, but there are always a few unexpected costs that come along.


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