Monday, September 02, 2013

That Weird Space Ship Looking Thing At The End of the Block.

This is the first pic I took. 
It was being created on the top of an abandoned car dealership, which, according to the signs on the sides of the building, is supposed to become a big shopping mall. But it's been empty ever since the cars moved out. So, I thought, "Hey, maybe this is the grand opening!"

Now you can see them building a double platform.

This is a full shot so you can see what a scene this is.
Directly behind (above) the "space ship" is the Jacob Javits Center.
To the left where the buses are lined up is the Lincoln Tunnel.
Behind that is the Hudson River. On the other side, New Jersey.
The Javits Center recently planted grass on its roof.

Somewhere along in here, on the timeline, Jim figured it out. He'd seen some ads for a new game show called The Million Second Quiz" with Ryan Seacrest on NBC. Can you see what they're constructing?

Yes! An hour glass.

The other night they were lighting up the sky with all these spotlights. You can also go online and play the game to get qualified to be a contestant. I think part of the deal is that whoever is playing, you have to live in this hourglass for 11 days. 

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