Monday, August 14, 2006

How not to release a Leopard

This weekend, I sat here backing up files onto DVDs. It's such a tedious job because it takes several minutes for each DVD and you can't leave the computer, because you have to stay there waiting for it to finish so you can put in the next one. Luckily, USA Network was running a Monk Marathon. I had never seen this show, which features Tony Shalhoub as a P.I. who has an extreme case of OCD, but it's pretty funny. I'm also reading a new book by my new sci fi obsession Iain M. Banks. (I love discovering a new author; now I can go read all his books).

So, for blogging purposes today, here is a video that I couldn't take my eyes off of. It's a park ranger who's releasing a leopard into the wild. He backs the truck up, opens the cage and then, when the cat doesn't move, he figures he'll help him out a little by poking him with a stick.

Not the best idea...

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Peterson Toscano said...

I really like Monk, although some of the episodes are downright corny, I think that is part of the appeal. Serious crimes and old fashion fun. I especially like the episode when Monk has to go to Mexico to solve a series of murders and he can't find the only type bottled water he drinks (he brought several cases with him, but his stuff got stolen)

Of course I am a committed Buffy fan, so Monk, although delightful, can never eclipse Buffy.