Friday, August 18, 2006

Not Running Out of Gas.

This morning I ran flat out for 45 minutes without stopping once. It was about 2 miles long because I ran down to the subway station, once around the track in the park there, and then back.

And the best part was that I never got winded. When I started back on my running regimen a few weeks ago, it was all I could do to run for 15 minutes without losing my breath. So, this morning, putting my ipod on shuffle, I hit the streets and decided to see if I could make it all the way to the track down on Magnolia, thinking I'd walk back. But after I got there, I felt fine. So, I took a spin around the park. Felt fine. Decided to run back. No problems.

Ran into Chuck on the way home. He wasn't looking so good. Told him I had some cans and stuff.

When I got home, though, something smelled wrong. I went into the kitchen to get some water and that's when I heard a little hissing noise. One of the knobs on the stove had been turned open slightly and the whole kitchen smelled like gas. When did that happen?? Was it when I got tea this morning? Did Jim accidentally do it last night when he was putting stuff away? Yikes. It scared me, so I opened all the windows and the sliding glass doors (waking Jim up in the process, unfortunately).

I picked up the cats to make sure they seemed all right. Here I am with Thurber cat. I'm wearing the cool new t-shirt that Kibs sent me.

Then I took Chuck a couple of bags full of cans and plastic containers. He said he wasn't feeling so hot, that he was nursing a cold, and that he hadn't had a drink since yesterday. We didn't stop to chat much. I could tell he needed to keep moving.

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