Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Instant Hit"?

Score another great review for us! (Yay!) From It's really and truly beyond thrilling to watch these reviews pour in like this. It's beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations. It's also very humbling. Every night we know we have to keep up our concentration and give a great performance because now people come EXPECTING a great show!

Here are a few quotes. From Amanda Scarpone.

The Big Voice: God of Merman encapsulates why we love theater. It’s a show that somehow manages to bring a smile to the face, a tear to the eye and laughter all the way through.

In addition to the script the score, encompasses many fun-loving and heart-wrenching tunes which add another dimension to the already endearing storyline. Brochu and Schalchlin do a fantastic job when it comes to supplying the melody and harmony – out of no where your ears are delighted by the fullness of the music and you are surprised that such volume and sound are simply coming from two men and a keyboard. It’s a score including just the right mix of soul-exposing solos with fun, upbeat and light-hearted Broadway tunes; it’s easy to envision the CD sitting in your car for that long road trip you’re planning to make by yourself so you can sing along.

Somehow, a play that revolves around religion and gay relationships never gives even the staunchest conservative reason to complain – it’s a true story of perseverance and achieving dreams without ever taking itself too seriously. The Big Voice: God or Merman is a smart, funny and touching performance – one that makes Broadway happy to welcome Brochu and Schalchlin back with open arms.

And, once again, not a single negative note. Amazing. Just amazing.
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