Thursday, December 28, 2006

On The Other Hand...

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Wednesday's shows were both packed AND riotously fun with much cackling, guffawing, laughing and sniffles coming from both audiences. The Wednesday matinee was our biggest crowd yet. They were hanging from the rafters. The producers were hauling chairs up from the basement. The balcony was overflowing. Man, that felt good!

Traditionally, this week is the best box office week for theater in New York. All the people are off work. Their families are in town. Tourists are here for the big Times Square ball drop. It's a fun time to be in New York, especially with the cold, but nice, weather we've been having.

Above, by the way, is the big review posted in the Daily News. That picture is of Ethel from Annie Get Your Gun.

Oh, and my voice got progressively stronger on Wednesday. So, whatever was going on with me is finally passing. But I'm going to learn the lessons I learned from just not pushing hard. Every night is a real adventure as I learn more and more about the best way to play our scenes. I love this whole learning process. Doing this show is like to going drama school. Every single night I have a chance to make it just a little bit better. Fun!

EDIT: Amy comments: Wait, wait, you left out the part where you VERY professionally cracked up laughing on stage and THEN got a second curtain call. :)

I forgot to mention. After last night's show, the applause kept going on and on. We got to the fire escape headed down to our dressing room and I said to Jim, "They're still applauding!" So we headed back up and took another bow. That was sweet!

Jim is doing this bit as a southerner that is totally cracking me up now. I am doing my best to get through the scene, but once he smells blood in the water, he's like a shark.
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