Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Quiet Tourists

Last night's show was totally bizarre. We had a very full house, so we were expecting a great audience response, as we normally do with big houses. Excited that business was so good, this post-Christmas week, we bounded onto the stage and began delivering our punchlines.


Soldering on, we thought, "Okay, they're weighing us in their minds, watching to see what's going to happen. This has happened before. After all, it's New York. They've seen the best of the best. They're holding back."

We continue. Everything is landing like lead balloons. The front part of the house is responding, but everything past beyond where we could see? Nothing.

Now we're starting to get freaked out. This is just bizarre. We've NEVER failed, during this run, to get a response. They always finally catch on. The second act was a little better, but still, it was making me most uncomfortable.

Then, discussing it with Amy this morning, who was in the audience last night, she said, "About the audience: it was filled with Japanese tourists, many of whom didn't speak much English. The only way you can please those people is well... if you were Cats.."

Ah, New York. I jes' luvs ya.
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